Allen Iverson Briefly Reconciles With Wife, Tries to Halt Divorce


Allen Iverson doesn’t want to try his luck in the courts against his wife, Tawanna. Instead, he’s outing his recent sexual romp with his wife, insisting that her claim of their “irretrievably broken” relationship is null and void. Specifically, they had “resumed their marital relationship, cohabiting, having sexual relations and holding themselves out as husband and wife” between November 2011 and February 2012.

Could his little runaround work? Maybe.

Just last June, Tawanna petitioned for the divorce after Iverson took $20 grand out of their bank account. More recently, she’s asking for the names and numbers of the former Sixers player’s mistresses.

This is turning out to be a big mess, and unlike a basketball game, no side wins.