Angela Simmons Poses for ‘LadyGunn’ Magazine


Pastry designer Angela Simmons serves up some glamour for LadyGunn magazine. The 20-something style lover gives insight to how the fashion industry receives her product, dating in Hollywood and how she deals with being a constant figure in the media. In the Clement Pascal-photographed shots, the young beauty rocks some of the hottest trends for spring.

On how the fashion industry embraced Pastry:
“Pastry got a really great reaction at first, and it’s now really growing rapidly. Things have been going so well with pastry.  The brand continues to grow and develop more and more.  My sister and I have created a shoe that’s so girly and fun. It allows a girl to be a girl. I feel so girly and free wearing Pastry!”

Dating in Hollywood:
“It’s like dating anywhere else.  The only difference is that everyone knows your business and what’s going on.  I must say that when you are spotted in Hollywood with anyone you are automatically with them, which is crazy.”

Dealing with being a constant figure in the media:
“I often don’t know when I’ll wind up in the media, but if it’s good stuff GREAT. If it’s bad, I just let them talk and go on about my day. It’s kind of apart of the job I signed up for.”

Miss Simmons also revealed that her clothing line is in the works, as well as other projects in books and film. Pastry exudes unique style so her clothing line should be an interesting addition. Can’t wait for the launch!

See her fashion spread below…