Are We Just Protesting For Protest’s Sake?


In this day and age, our generation holds a lot of power.

This is quite clear.

I mean, come on. Closely examine how we’ve manipulate our resources (mostly in social media) to drive the exposure for Trayvon Martin’s death. We’ve banded together in a crucial time, expressing our extreme exhaustion with injustice and racial profiling. No need to persuade me: I respect it. Not just because I stood side-by-side with genuine protestors screaming, “I am Trayvon Martin,” but because I believe this issue, right now, matters the most in a divided world.

Even our President understands the severity of this hate crime. He understands that if he had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. But I like to play devil’s advocate, if only to start a healthy, eye-opening debate.

What happened to KONY 2012 and its viral movement? Have we stopped caring already? Sure, its leader, Jason Russell, has temporarily lost his marbles somewhere in San Diego (between running around naked and masturbating), but does that mean we are automatically done with bringing Joseph Kony and the LRA to justice? It’s not trending anymore–and we know that is a huge deal in this trending topic-obsessed era–so do we give up?