Azealia Banks Gets Estelle ‘Excited’


Not all rap chicks are in an all-out brawl for the crown. U.K. hitmaker Estelle, who started her career rapping, recently praised newcomer Azealia Banks’ and the success with her breakout single, “212.”

“I met Azealia Banks like a year ago. She shouted me when I was coming out of Patricia Field and I thought she was cute,” Estelle told VIBE. “I was like, ‘this little girl with red hair.’ She just looked fresh. And I was like, ‘Okay, she looks like she’s from London.'”

The “Thank You” vocalist got wind of Banks after a friend sent her the “212” video, after which Estelle hit Banks up on Twitter. “I tweeted [Azealia], like, ‘212’ is fresh!’ She was like, ‘I saw you outside, it was me with the red hair!’

Estelle adds, “She gets me excited for young rap. She gets me excited for when it was all fun, everything. She raps and she’s clever with it, too. She doesn’t give a shit and she’ll speak her mind. She’s confident and she knows who she is.”