Bad for Business: Dame Dash’s 10 Worst Fails


Oh, how the might have fallen. Once upon a time, it really looked like Damon “Dame” Dash was on his way to becoming the next big executive in the music industry. He had the backing of one of the biggest rappers in the world (Jay-Z, for all you slow-pokes/young bucks out there). He had control of Roc-A-Fella, a record label that he helped build from the ground up. He was worth upwards of $50 million. And, he had the drive, the determination, and, most importantly, the attitude that it takes to succeed in the cutthroat world of music. Dame’s boardroom rants are legendary (YouTube him!) and he appeared to be a guy who was destined go down in history.

Unfortunately, Dame is going to go down in history. But, as of right now, it’s for all the wrong reasons. Over the course of the last decade, he’s made one bad business decision after another. From his bitter split with Jay to his recent fall out with Curren$y—who just filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against him and claimed that Dame has been releasing his music through his BluRoc label despite the fact that they don’t have an agreement in place for him to do so—Dame’s career as a businessman has been sullied by a number of bad business decisions. Yesterday, he put out a statement attempting to clarify the Curren$y situation. But, in doing so, he just made the whole situation seem even worse—in a nutshell, he basically blamed Curren$y’s management for forcing him to make the move—and made himself look like he’d fallen out of touch with the way the music business works.

It’s obviously not the first fail Dame has experienced, though. So in honor of his latest folly, we decided to put together a list of Dame Dash’s 10 Worst Fails. We respect your G, Dame, and really hope that you can get things together one day and leave a positive legacy. But you need to avoid making decisions like these if you want that to happen.—Chris Yuscavage

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