Ballin’ On A Budget: Money-Saving Tips for Beauty


Vixens work too hard to be ballin’ on a budget, but let’s face it, we’ll jump at any chance to tuck a couple bucks away. Whether it’s your nearest drug store, a sample sale or Fifth Avenue, here’s how to snag a couple steals and spot the better deals in retail.

1. Sign up for specials sent straight to your inbox.

Name brands and specialty stores often dish out the best deals via e-mail. Sephora is known for sending trial-size freebies of the latest make-up, skin care ointments and perfumes on any given day either solo or with an online purchase. Fashion notables Tory Burch, BeBe and Juicy Couture also shoot out discount codes on the regular. Consider it cent-saving spam.

2. Stop by your favorite convenience store and become a member.

Pick your favorite drug store and join the rewards program so that you can save while sifting through the beauty aisles. Becoming a member of their loyalty program allows you to combine in-store sales with coupons, while racking up the membership points. You’re bound to find yellow tag specials on products from quality lines like Maybelline, L’Oreal and Cover Girl. Even lower-end products from NYC Color and Wet ‘n Wild serve well in between splurges. Save these for the bare necessities.