Ballin’ On A Budget: Money-Saving Tips for Beauty


shopping bags3. Save by the seasons.

No need to wait till December to cop those beauty gift extras. Department stores often have promotions around every major holiday so that when you purchase your favorite fragrance, you can snag a cute tote or a matching lipstick, liner and eye shadow set to match it. You can also grip up some samples if you buddy up with your consultant and ask for those being offered. Call it clutch at checkout.

4. Scour the web for special discounts.

Sometimes saving money is as easy as Googling it. is a savvy saver’s heaven, offering coupons on virtually all your favorite mall stops. Just type in your favorite store or search by product category and within seconds, printable coupons for any item pop onto your screen. Sites like GroupOn and Lifebooker also send out daily deals on dates, spa days and other personal care fare for their users. With free memberships, you can even score some online currency by putting a friend on to their radar. Following some of your favorite brands on Twitter or downloading their apps can help you link with discounts too. Now social medialites and web wonderwomen can enjoy simple shopping.