‘Basketball Wives’ Recap – Giving Back, Honesty & Mean Girls

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In last night’s (March 5) episode of Basketball Wives Miami the ladies tried their best to behave, but what’s an episode without drama?

Original mean girl Evelyn finally gets to meet the two that she’s heard so much about, Kenya and Kesha. Being that Evelyn is always the one to impress, her first impression of the girls was nothing but the truth. She thought Kenya’s weave was a problem and “a little to the left.” The girls continued to talk about her YouTube videos, insisting that she took them down. Evelyn described Kesha as cute and stylish. Not bad for a first impression considering who it came from.

Royce and Kesha show up at Kenya’s video shoot to “try” to show some support, but after a speech where she states that Kesha didn’t believe in the video, things take a turn for the worse. Surprised by her comments Kesha is pretty much done with being there for her. 

Of course Royce and Kesha have to share what happened with Tami and she responds with a tone we all love. “She will be left with that bad weave and that bad ass choreography and them f—ed-up clothes,” Tami stated.

Head woman in charge, Shaunie, makes an appearance in the episode to meet the new girls, and it’s a bit of an awkward meeting. Fresh off their video shoot meeting, Kesha and Kenya get in to it, and Evelyn is just happy it’s finally someone else arguing.

The ladies did their part in giving back this episode as well. Tami tried to help Kenya revamp her image with her Glam Squad, but it doesn’t work out so well. Kesha invites the girls to a cancer benefit and Royce partners with the “Preserve Our Legacy” charity. At Royce’s event, viewers got to see Suzie’s alcholic side come to light.  

Nice to see the girl “semi” got a long this episode. 

What did you think of last night’s episode? Did you want more drama?