Beauty Alert: The Lip Bar Launches Spring 2012 Collection


When it comes to makeup, lipstick especially, bold and vibrant colors are not as mainstream as the regular reds and browns. With spring 2012 rolling on in, we are in luck! Melissa Butler has created a new cosmetic line called  The Lip Bar, a brand that supplies lip-nurturing, handcrafted lipstick.

Twelve fun colors will make up the premiere collection, resulting in “intoxicating, top-shelf beauty.” Don’t you just love the sound of that, Vixens? The Lip Bar’s products are naturally blended with vitamin E, shea butter and avocado oil. The colors are inspired and named after popular cocktails to ensure self-expression in a non-conventional way.

Let’s remember that bold is beautiful, and lip color can not only command attention but make you feel more confident.

Will you venture in to the fun world of bold lip color in the coming warm months?