Glory! Beyoncé’s Blue Fashion Moments


Since first finding that King Bey had “love growing inside” of her, we all speculated the baby royal’s name and gender.

Fast forward, Blue Ivy Carter is already making headlines by simply being, well, a two-month-old Carter. Her first cries and coos landed her on the Billboard charts before she was even three days old, while her photoshoot circled the ‘net, making her the most talked about baby ever. Nowadays, she’s right on track to becoming the most fashionable baby under one years old, with her eyes set on some custom made red bottoms.

But this all would not be possible with mama Bey being the stylish and clever Vixen that she is.

Take a minute to look back and peep the blue bread crumbs Beyoncé left on her pregnancy journey. As her baby bump grew, so did her love for the Jay-Z hue. Even today, the iconic pop star continues to dedicate her beauty and fashion choices to her baby girl. Had we paid enough attention then, we might’ve had some indication of Blue’s awesomeness beforehand.

Click through the Blue-inspired gallery HERE!