The Breakfast Club Grills Waka Flocka on Rap Beef, His Peta Campaign, New Album, Death of Slim Dunkin

Rapper Waka Flocka dropped by New York’s Power 105 The Breakfast Club to chop it up with the morning show hosts. Flocka touched on the constant hate he’s garnered since he entered the rap game, his lyrical content, PETA campaign, the murder of his friend Slim Duncan and beef with Slick Pulla.

The Atlanta native seems to be very balanced with his funds as he invests a lot of his money. “I invest a lot of my money,” Waka told The Breakfast Club. “I’m trying to start a YMCA.”

The “Round of Applause” rapper is still taking the death of his friend Slim Duncan hard as he blames himself for his death since he brought Duncan into the rap business. “I don’t accept it at all,” Flocka said. “I hope he don’t win, I hope he gets free.” Sounds like a call for vengeance.

The Warner Bros. signee Waka Flocka is currently out promoting his second single “I Don’t Really Care” featuring R&B artist Trey Songz. Flocka’s second album Triple F is slated to drop June 12. – Jonathan Cruse