The Breakfast Club Interviews No Malice About Name Change, Book and God

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No Malice, formerly known as Malice of the Clipse, sat down with The Breakfast Club to discuss the new direction he’s taking with his life and music.

After watching many of his friends get locked up, the rapper chose to make a transformation with his music and leave his days of gangsta rap behind. “I think what my fans didn’t know, what they were witnessing was me battling myself,” he said. “I think the content of the stuff the Clipse always talked about, even though it’s very real, I think we did it too well and I think some people walked away with the wrong message from that especially seeing our friends, manager and people that we considered family get locked up. It was definitely an eye opener and I really don’t want to glorify that like that any longer.”

He also discussed his religious beliefs and the demons he battled, which he used to tell a story. His book, “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor Blind and Naked,” he says is “phenomenal.”

In addition to the book, the transformed rapper also has an upcoming solo mixtape and plans head out on tour.

No Malice even took a little time to freestyle and remind everybody that even though his message has changed, he’s still “street.” — Jazmine Gray

Check out the interview below.