Can Kenya Bell Make It: How Old Is Too Old To Start A Music Career?


As we prepare to settle in for a new episode of Basketball Wives tonight, I think we should take a moment to reflect on the foolishness that was last week’s episode. In the episode, new wife Kenya Bell brought the ladies in on her plans to break into the entertainment industry. Kenya considers herself the total package and to prove it she uploaded YouTube videos of her dancing and singing skills for the world to see. First she enlists the help of Kesha Nichols, but it was clear to Kesha from the beginning that the business side of Kenya’s endeavor was pretty much non existent. Next up, Kenya convinced Tami to round up her style team to help her get her Beyonce on. The result, a complete and total flop. On top of being late to the meeting, Kenya was totally unprepared and after auditioning for Tami and crew it was clear that Kenya couldn’t dance or sing, two of the key components in her plans for stardom.

When someone has a gift, whether it is singing, dancing, painting, speaking, etc, it is a gift for life and as long as you don’t abuse the gift, you have the right to try and use it until you take your last breath. However, in some cases like trying to break into the music industry, gift or not, you have to accept that you might simply be past your prime. If entertainment was solely a skill based profession, we’d have some grannies from the local church choirs across the country raking in dough from record deals right now, but unfortunately that’s not the case. In addition to skill you need the “look” and you have to be able to relate to the target audience which these days are mostly high school or early college aged kids. As beautiful as Kenya is, with her pushing forty her “look” is a no go in the pop world and as for her talent, if she’s not popping and dropping like Rihanna and Beyonce (which she isn’t) her potential fans are pretty much non existent.