Can Kenya Bell Make It: How Old Is Too Old To Start A Music Career?


For Kenya to make it in this business she would’ve had to have started back in the Brandy, Monica, Destiny’s Child era of music. These ladies are still going strong because they came into the game young, hot and fresh and have built a solid fan base over decades, so even though they are now into their 30s, fans don’t seem to mind because their talent is well established. The success rate of people trying to come into the game at 30+…can you even name one artist that has done that and survived past one mediocre hit? Didn’t think so. No one wants to be a dream crusher, especially not if the person has talent (which is debatable in Kenya’s case), but the reality is in this business there is a cut off point for becoming the new kid on the block and Kenya unfortunately passed it long time ago. Maybe Kenya can use her talents to mold the next generation and play more of a managerial or coaching role behind the scenes. Just because she’s not prime star material doesn’t mean she’s useless, she simply needs to redirect her skills into a lane that better suited for her.

Do you think it’s too late for Kenya to break into the entertainment business?