‘Caribbean Black And Bleu’ Sandwich Named for Chris Brown and Rihanna


Several people are finding offense to a Watkinsville, Georgia restaurant’s decision to create the Caribbean Black and Bleu burger, a Chris Brown and Rihanna-inspired sandwich. The owner of Chops & Hops, Richard Miley, made light of the singers’ 2009 domestic incident by saying, “Chris Brown won’t beat you up for eating this unless your name starts with a R and end with A.”

He tells Yahoo! Music exclusively, “I was just trying to shed light. It happened and she’s trying to get back with him? If they can talk about it and joke about it on late night television shows and make millions of dollars, I don’t see why I can’t; and I’m no comedian.”

And Miley isn’t the only one finding humor in the sandwich. Some of the restaurant’s Facebook friends and Twitter followers joined in on the joke.