Caviar Nail Kits Coming To Sephora In April


Looks like ladies are pulling out all the stops for nailwear. As if we needed another reason to doll up our cuticles, a new trend has some femme fatales up in arms just to show off their stylish digits.

Caviar nails first made their debut at the Cushnie and Och’s fashion show last year, splattering nail beds with decorative beads that look more like delicious sprinkles for your fingers. Though it can be a simple DIY project to do (painting on a coat of polish and then dipping your hand into a pool of small multi-color beads), a UK-based nail polish company, Ciate, has released a line of “Caviar Manicure” kits. The lacquer has the tiny beads built into the color helping you achieve the trendy look in one sweep. Get ready because these kits will be available at Sephora stores across the country this April.

Vixens, would you sample this h’ordeuvres on your fingers?