Chris Brown iPhone-Snatching Investigation Still Underway


We reported to you a little over a month ago about Chris Brown’s latest legal drama when he snatched the iPhone from a fan outside of a club. Now it’s being reported that the charges have not died down, and that witnessess in the case are still being interviewed.

According to Huffington Post, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle says that interviews of witnesses provided by Brown’s attorney have yet to take place. She said in a statement, “In our investigation of the Chris Brown incident, we have taken the statements of our local witnesses and have just finished discussing with the lead Miami Beach Detective the additional witness information supplied by Mr. Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos.”

Rundle continues with, “We now must interview these individuals, some of whom may be from out of state, just as we do in every criminal investigation in order to uncover the truth in its entirety.

If convicted, Chris could face a felony charge and see some jail time. He is still on probation for attacking Rihanna in that infamous 2009 incident.—Keenan Higgins