Clipse Member Malice Changes His Rap Name to…

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The artist formerly known as Malice pleads “No Malice.” Ever since 1/2 of the rap group Clipse found a new calling in religion, he’s been on a quest to distance himself from the bad connotations associated with his rap pseudonym “Malice.” And according to the rapper, that means changing the moniker altogether.

In a recent video to promote his upcoming album “Hear Ye Him!” Malice—or, er, No Malice—creates a dramatic metaphor for the “death” of his old rap persona and the revival of a more religiously enlightened one. The video, that opens up with “malice” bible verses, introduces the new, bow-tied No Malice as he makes his way into a wake at a church. No Malice looks into the coffin of a hoodied clone of himself (which we’ll assume is the old Malice), and the metaphor comes full circle.

No Malice said his piece and now he’s saying his peace. –Tanya Chen