Could Your Sense Of Style Be Pushing Men Away?


From Hello Beautiful —  I have ugly days once in a while, and every time I have them or  when I’m dressed down along comes a gentleman eying me down like I’m a piece of BBQ slathered with that delicious honey garlic flavored sauce (yes I was hungry while writing, thank you). I may have cold in my eyes, a half done do, and maybe even a pair of raggedy sweats on and I garner more attention from that look than the look I may have spent time, money and effort putting together. I know I can’t be alone on this one…

It started to get a little frustrating  for a while when this would happen because generally when I’m dressed down I’m out running errands or heading to work, not really in the frame of mind to strike up a conversation with a potential suitor but this is when I attract them.

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Out of curiosity I posed the question to a few guy friends about women getting more attention when they were “out of their fashion element” and they simply said a woman is a lot more approachable when they are not walking with a push up bra, 6 inch heels and make up caked on their face.

I took in the logic and even smiled, but had difficulties accepting the answer.

You mean to tell me that every time I want to be glamorous I’m setting myself up to be lonely?