Crowd Throws Drinks at Jeremih for Lip-Syncing


Texas fans were not pleased with Jeremih’s Wednesday night performance!

The antsy bar crowd on South Padre Island were outraged after the singer, who already arrived two hours late, proceeded to lip-sync during a show.

While performing his hit track “Down On Me,” Jeremih was almost immediately met with a series of boos and a flying bottle! But that wasn’t enough to deter the “Birthday Cake” singer, however, and he continued on until an audience member plunged a drink at him, splattering him with alcohol.

Though the performance lasted merely a few minutes before Jeremih finally decided to hang it up and exit the stage, the $30 paid for tickets was not refunded to the disgruntled fans. — Jazmine Gray

Check out the footage from the performance below.

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