Dennis Rodman ‘Extremely Sick,’ Faces Jail Time Over Debt

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Dennis Rodman is on the hook for $860,000 in child and spousal support!

The former NBA star faces a possible 20 days in jail if he fails to pay the lump sum he owes his ex-wife  Michelle Rodman. His lawyers, however, are describing the amount of money as “unjustified,” citing Rodman’s addiction to alcohol and lack of income as the reason.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Linnea Willis, Rodman’s attorney, claims that he is “extremely sick” and plagued by financial difficulties leaving him broke and unable  to afford any additional fees. Willis contends that the former Laker can already barely afford his own living expenses and child support from a previous marriage.

While Rodman is facing claims that he owes $808,935 in back child support and  $51,441 in spousal support, Willis is also arguing that he has paid some of the funds, however, his $50,000 monthly payment just isn’t feasible. “It is absolutely untrue that Mr. Rodman failed to pay child or spousal support. Mr. Rodman has always provided support to his family to the best of his ability and will continue to do so,” said Willis. – Jazmine Gray