Do You Have A Signature Color?


Color is something we can’t escape. It’s all around us, from our neighborhoods and the people in them, to the food we eat, color is a part of our everyday lives. When it comes to fashion it’s not just the outfit that makes us feel like we look our best, it’s also the color. We all have a color that makes our skin pop, eyes glow and bodies look like pow, and we try to wear it every chance we get. Whether it’s a mini skirt and flirty top, or a pair of our favorite sky high heels, we try our best to incorporate our signature color into each outfit because we know it helps show off our best assets.

Your signature color can not only boost your outfit’s wow factor, but your confidence as well. Knowing that the color you have makes you look good, makes you feel good as well and we all know that confidence is sexy! Actress Lisa Raye McCoy is famous for her signature white wardrobe and says that she loves it because the crisp, clean color makes her “feel like an angel.” Having a signature color also helps you showcase your personality, giving people a sense of who you are through your clothing and the range of fun outfit possibilities can be endless!

Do you have a signature color? What does your color say about you?

- Danielle Pointdujour

Tags: Fashion