Dream Hampton Says Biggie Was Her “First Reader”


Every year on March 9, followers and fans flock to author/filmmaker dream hampton’s Twitter feed searching for hip-hop historic gems: her personal stories about Notorious B.I.G. While pop culture mourns the loss of one of its greatest lyricists, dream soothes a bit of the pain by pouring out some e-liquor for the late Bad Boy.

This year, @dreamhampton pressed pause on lengthy storytelling time, only divulging a few tweets worth of memories about her Brooklyn bestie.

While Hampton shared that her best friend and confidant was an avid reader (which made his one of the best writers), she sprinkled in some advice for upcoming rappers:

In honor of Women’s History Month, we urge you to follow not only dream’s timeline but her career. She’s a staple in pop culture and provides a wealth of knowledge outside of hip-hop and the borders of the United States. Get educated, Vixens!