Evelyn Lozada Talks New Spin-Off and Open Relationship with Chad


You’ve been dying to get a closer look at Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco’s relationship. Admit it! And now, you’ll finally get your chance with an upcoming eight-part special about the duo’s journey to their vows.

After the couple found fame on VH1’s Basketball Wives, many have wonder if the budding football wife is just in it all for attention. ABC News Radio caught up with Miami’s reality queen to talk about this new venture, and Lozada reassures that her love with the Patriots wide receiver is true but far from perfect.

“I don’t think you’re always going to see us so in love,” she tells the media outlet. “We’re really in a real relationship just like anyone else.”

She continues: “Me and him are, we’re an open book so, you know, I mean we had a controversial conversation last week and you know, that’s how we speak. You know, we’re very open and honest with each other and you’re going to see a lot of that.”

While Evelyn shocked fans last week with a revealing BBW episode, she doesn’t seem phased by her decision to be in an open relationship, chalking up it up as healthy.

“It’s hard sometimes and I don’t know if I’m always going to make the right decision. I don’t know that he’s always going to make the right decision. With me telling him that is, ‘Listen, I’m not with you when, you know, you’re going to Tampa on a road trip and I don’t know what you’re going to feel, you know, when you’re there because, you know, you’re a man and I get it. But, you know, just for us to, you know, keep, you know, communication and talk to each other and, you know, just to be honest with each other with whatever’s going on and we have those conversations daily,” Lozada explained.

Although the romance is unorthodox, prepare for a wedding, Vixens. Scheduled for a sunny day in Palm Beach, Florida, the two will wed with cameras, family and friends in tow.

Not only is Lozada knee-deep in the hunt for a wedding dress, she’s relentlessly building a media portfolio that rivals other reality stars. Her book The Inner Circle will become available in June, while her T-shirt biz and shoe store continue to gain attention. Remember “You’re A Non F’N Factor” tees? Well, her latest “I’m Leanin'” phrase is inspired by none other than current castmate Kenya Bell.

“I’m referring to Kenya [Bell]’s hair from last episode,” Lozada said with a laugh. “I made a comment [on Twitter] and I was like, ‘Well, I don’t really know…something about her hair.’ And then I said something like, “It’s leanin’,” and my entire timeline since that show, people [have been] tweeting me pictures of bad weaves…so it became this thing. So yes, that’s my next T-shirt. I’m sorry Kenya.”

Evelyn catches flack for being abashed and blunt; however, she’s never less than a hundred on any given day. If you’re craving another fix of la femme Ev, be sure to be on the lookout for this upcoming TV spot in September.