Eye Color Privilege


Maybe one could state that eyes have become the new inner prejudice. More and more Black women are rushing to the color contact aisle searching for a new shade of happiness. Their idea is that slipping into a set of contact lenses, can take you from the now perceived dull that is black and brown eyes, into a more popping and engaging hue, like America’s fascination with blonde hair and blue eyes.

As we see more and more celebrities fall into the contact lens abyss, the once famed phrase, “Black is beautiful,” begins to die at the closing of an eyelid.

Amber Rose has been known to dabble with blue eyes for more of a striking look, Tyra Banks occasionally rocks hazel, and Naomi Campbell moves about the color palette like a Picasso painting. Apart from them, we probably all know a sister who dances around the lens shades to the same degree with which she dyes her hair.

Unconsciously, this may be viewed as a norm or an acceptable trend, but quite like the statement that you made when you chose to go natural or relax your hair, the story your eyes tell carry the same conversation.

What are your eyes saying to the world?

- Alaina Lewis

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