Glamorous Life: The Price of Looking Good


When we see our favorite celebrities walking the red carpet or hosting an event, they always look flawless. Hair done, nails done, everything did. Their coifs are perfectly styled, their faces are beat with airbrushed makeup and their ensembles are to-die-for. It seems that these celebs like Beyonce, Halle Berry or Kim Kardashian have perfected the art of looking glamorous.

While regular, hard-working women don’t have access to top hair stylists, makeup artists and designer wardrobes, it seems that everyone wants a piece of the glamorous life. Stars have lots of money to maintain their image so where does that leave the everyday girl who wants to look red carpet ready?

In today’s society, looking good has become the new status symbol. You’re nobody if you’re not rocking the latest Christian Louboutins, premium expensive hair weave and getting diamond facials. Keeping up with celebrities (and the Joneses) can get expensive. Weekly hair appointments, nail salon visits and shopping can be costly over the long haul and lead to unnecessary debt if not kept in check.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good when the price of the glamorous life means living outside of your means then the price is too steep. Instead of chasing your favorite star’s style, why not dress and primp to your own level? Buy the best that your money can afford. Get monthly manicures and do regular upkeep at home. Find a hairstyle that looks good and is affordable and easy to maintain.

Glamour doesn’t have to mean extravagance. What do you think is too high a price for the glamorous life?

-Fajr Muhammad

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