Beauty Bar: Hair Rules with MIZANI Butter Blend


After Mizani Relaxer

According to Rod, “Sensitive Scalp relaxers should only be used when a client is overly sensitive or allergic to a sodium hydroxide product. If sensitive scalp relaxers are used often, it is imperative to regularly condition the hair to ensure that the lost moisture is restored back into the hair”

So how exactly do you determine if you’re sensitive? Apparently, a patch test should always be performed at least 24 hours prior to application of the product. And of course, minimize irritation by limiting activities that promote opening of the pores, and the use of wool and tightly fitted caps.

He also offered another suggestion that’s a total game change. He pulled out Mizani’s improved Butter Blend HG relaxer system. In it are ingredients that enable the relaxer to penetrate the hair’s cortex faster and with greater efficiency, and it’s formulated with less sodium hydroxide. I was sold. He slapped it on, and I didn’t burn at all. In fact, I even smelled of shea butter and honey (not that nasty, skunk-y chemical smell). A few weeks later my hair felt stronger, more manageable and—surprisingly—less prone to breakage. Amen.


Butter Blend is available to licensed stylists through authorized distribution this spring. If you’re in New York, email Rod at [email protected] or check him our on twitter at @Skippy2nyc.