Head Turners! 25 Celebrities Who Have Dyed Their Hair Outrageous Colors

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What in the world is going through Pharrell’s head right now? No, really. We’re worried. Does he have, like, hair dye seeping into his hair follicles as we speak? If you haven’t seen yet, he stepped out at Paris Fashion Week over the weekend to rub elbows with fellow fashion fashionistas. And his hair is currently…green. Yes, green. We’re not sure if the Neptunes producer is just really excited for St. Patrick’s Day or what. But homie’s hair is really green. And it’s pretty ridiculous.


Fortunately, though, his hair isn’t that ridiculous. Over the years, we’ve definitely seen worse. From guys who’ve gone blond (WTF, fellas?!) to chicks who have tried their best to stand out with neon-colored hairdos, we’ve seen our fair share of celebrities who have undergone big makeovers simply by changing their hair colors. So, to make Pharrell feel a little bit better about his current situation, we decided to put together a photo gallery of 25 other celebs who have added some color to their hair in the past. We’re glad these folks got these haircuts out of their system when they did. Now, please: Don’t do it again!—Chris Yuscavage