How Long Should You Wait Between Washes?


My hair washing schedule has had its droughts: I wore braids while growing out my perm, and only washed or rinsed my hair every few weeks, or after I’d been in the pool or ocean. When I was rocking a ‘fro, I washed my hair as needed, sometimes every week or bit longer. After I permed my hair again, I learned how to style it myself to save money on trips to the salon. I now wash my hair every week, but only because it goes it limp in five or six days (maybe I have a bit more to learn). I’ve found my weekly wash to be a tedious process—it takes two to three hours to shampoo, condition, blow-dry and flat iron my hair—and I would go back to the biweekly schedule in a second if I could. But what do the experts say?

As previously mentioned, Wright suggests a weekly shampoo to avoid build-up and keep hair feeling clean. For the same reasons, celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen also suggests washing your hair at least once a week, but notes that there isn’t a right or wrong timetable otherwise. And apparently I was wrong for going weeks without washing my braids—braids and locks need regular washing like any other style to remove things such as product residue and bacteria. For now, it looks like my hair washing routine is on the right schedule, even though it takes a little a chunk out of my week.

What does your hair washing schedule look like?

- Ashley Calloway

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