How Not To Eff Up a Job Interview


79366003With the sour economy and scarce job opportunities it’s crucial that if you are blessed with an actual job interview – you ace that thang. Often times, our nerves can rattle us so, we may forget some of the finer points of job interview etiquette, but the following are some that you may not afford to carry out:

No sob stories: Please don’t give your prospective employer any reason to think you won’t be able to get the job done due to a slew of personal issues and crises. Keep things on a need to know basis, and spare your woes for a therapist.

Never Lie: No matter how small, never lie in an interview. You never know when it will come back to haunt you. Obviously, it’s imperative to be truthful about the big stuff, i.e. education, qualifications, or past employment, but lying about the little stuff can backfire too. If your boss finds out that you lied during a job interview it is considered to be grounds for dismissal later.

Ask No Questions: Your potential employer needs to believe that you are interested in the actual job. It’s also a great chance to showcase assertiveness as well as your aptitude.

Diss a Former Employer: First off, the minute you start to talk smack about a past employer, you are pretty much telling your potential employer that you are a 1) sourpuss and 2) it’s only a matter of time that your grouchy demeanor will draw a large cloud over your work place.