How to Rock Blonde Tresses As A Black Girl


Condition. Condition. Condition.  It’s a none fact that blonde hair dye has the tendency to dry out your hair. It’s important that you get regularly scheduled deep conditionings and hydrate your hair between services.  Moroccan oil has a great selection of natural hydration products for the hair. My favorite Moroccan Oil product, Hydrating Styling Cream ( is the perfect formula to keep your new blonde hair well conditioned.

Blending. For those of us who are not ready to take the plunge of going blonde with our own natural hair, tracks are a good alternative. In this case a more subdued look with blonde highlights can be achieved. If going for this look, you want to make sure that the highlighted tracks match the true hue of your hair as much as possible, and follow the above mentioned rule of making sure that the blonde compliments the undertones in your skin.