How to Spend Your Mega Millions Wisely!


The Mega Millions mania is insane right now (no Warner Bros. Pictures). You may be hyped up from the half-a-billie buzz, running to purchase your very first lottery ticket now. But what would you do if you actually played the winning numbers (by the way, you have a 1 in 176 million chance)? If you’re a normal human being, you can run a list of foreign cars, handbags, shoes and mansions you’d buy outright after cashing in. However, if you’re a smart human being, there is a way to divide and allot your funds, so you’ll never stress over a dollar again.

Today could be the last day of your current financial state because this check is a life-changer. First things first: here’s a few ways you should spend those mega millions… after you pay us for such great advice!