Ice Cube Talks ’21 Jump Street’ Remake and ‘Last Friday’ Movie

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Ice Cube has made monumental strides in the film and TV world, but that hasn’t stopped him from continously progressing forward. Recently on a promo run for the modern day rendition of 80’s crime drama 21 Jump Street, Cube talked to BlackTreeTV about the contrast of his movie character with his former hip-hop persona.

“I trip out people because when you’re acting you just want to do good in whatever parts you rocking and people tripping [off] “F The Police” back in the day and now you playing a cop.” He continues, “I’m not going to be a cop in real life, you know what I’m saying? I’m not trying to be one but I’ll play one if they’re giving me millions of dollars. “

Ice Cube sounded optimistic when asked about the fourth and final installment of the Friday series. “It’s the process with every movie, to me everyone seems like they want to do it but it’s really script.”

While the majority of the cast is rumored to be returning, he explains while it would be ideal the usual politics are still involved. “It’s really making these deals, it’s really putting a true rubber to the road, it’s what’s going to determine who’s back and who’s not. I want everybody back, I’m going to write everybody in and we’ll see who we can make deals with.”

Mike Epps also recently spoke on his potential involvement with the film in an interview with Power 105’s the Breakfast Club. “I’ve been talking to Ice Cube, they’re trying to get the script together and I’m trying to make sure I get paid right on this movie or there is going to be another Friday without me in it either.” He adds jokingly,  “I told Ice Cube, you can’t pay me in T-shirts and CD’s on this movie.”

–Jolie Sanchez