Invisible Children Video Goes Viral to Stop LRA Leader Joseph Kony


In today’s technologically-fueled world, nothing influences change more rapidly and effectively than social media. As of this morning, over 7 million people recognized the name Joseph Kony after a 30-minute documentary on the horrific circumstances in Uganda went viral in two days.

The Invisible Children organization reveals the story of a young boy named Jacob, who was one of the 30,000 children who had been kidnapped and made into a kid soldier by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Its leader (Kony) is one of the most sought out international criminals. He is allegedly responsible for a list of perverse crimes, including rape, abduction, sexual slavery and murder of children. His name dominated trending topics and Facebook feeds by sunrise.

The story is narrated by Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell, who also becomes the proud father of Gavin in the film and draws parallels between his life and those of the children who go through terrifying circumstances. Even Gavin says, “We should stop him [Kony].”