It Ain’t Over: Kris Humphries Gives an Ultimatum


Just when we thought it was over … it ain’t!

According to TMZ, New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries is asking Kim Kardashian for a cool $7 million to quietly end their 72 day marriage.

Sources for the site report that Humphries is giving the reality star an ultimatum: either cough up the cheddar or the divorce will head to a very public trial.

Kim’s lawyers have since responded to the request, telling Kris and his lawyers to “pound sand,” stating community property from their short lived marriage would not add up to that amount.

Apparently, the two signed a unwavering pre-nup prior to their nuptials that stated Kim K. would have to pay out a hefty lump sum in the event of divorce.

Sounds like this could get ugly!

I bet Kim will think twice before she rushes to the alter again.