It’s Cool: Things We Do That Keep Us Trapped In Singledom


Being a single gal definitely has its advantages. Nobody to answer to when you return home at an unreligious hour, and you can play the dating game like a pro without any consequences. But at some point that nagging voice inside of us gets uncomfortably louder as the months go by and we realize that maybe our certified solitude is keeping us from an endearing partnership with the man of our dreams.

Old habits die hard but sometimes a re-shuffling of the mind is just what the doctor ordered instead of remaining barricaded behind a fence of restrictions.

Being exceptionally idealistic can hinder your chances of embracing potential suitors. Step out of your comfort zone and be open to new experiences and don’t be too quick to judge. You never know until you try. You might be pleasantly swept off your feet.

Increasing your social circle is something that a lot of us are reluctant to do but it can open up a whole new word that is waiting to be discovered. Its so easy to just rely on our staple rolodex of contacts, but sometimes you maybe poised for that ultimate “Cinderella” moment if you involve yourself in activities that guarantee alignment with groups that you may not have necessarily considered if not for that adventurous spirit.

A positive outlook can do wonders when it comes to increasing your chances of transitioning from singledom to coupledom. A lot of us have a dismal forecast when it comes to the future of our love life and we end up being the ones who pay the ultimate price. Believe it or not there are men out there who are “on call” to stand and deliver. Don’t give into the tired stereotypes, and expand your range to include a nice collage of possibilities.

You deserve to be paired with your one and only and sometimes the idea of that seems fantastical but in reality you have the power to orchestrate your fairy tale ending.