JetBlue Airlines Pilot Has Insane Meltdown Mid-air


The airline who brought us televisions on the back of seats for comfort is in the news today for more than its innovations. A JetBlue pilot went on a mid-air rant and had to be subdued by passengers.

What was supposed to be a non-stop flight from New York to Las Vegas, turned in to an emergency landing in Texas. CBS reports Captain Clayton Obson, a veteran piolet, stormed down the aisles of the plane then began banging on the cockpit door. Instinct struck in and 6 passengers fought Obson and held him down for 30 minutes until the plane was able to land safely.

The FAA reported that the co-pilot intentionally locked Obson out of the cockpit because of his bizarre behavior. The co-pilot radioed in that there needed to be an emergency landing. After the plane landed, Obson was rushed to the hospital.

Stay tuned for updates.

Check out the video below of an update about the air scare.