Jonah Hill On ‘A Whole Other Level Of Comedy’ In ’21 Jump Street’ Remake

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As 21 Jump Street hits theaters March 16, castmembers from the OG TV show’s cast and the film speak on remixing the gritty cop series starring Johnny Depp

Original Castmember (Holly Robinson-Peete, Officer Judy Hoffs):
When I heard about them doing [a remake], I was like, “I want a cameo!” It was all about getting Johnny [Depp] to do a cameo. Once they landed Johnny, they were like, “Holly who?” I lobbied everybody – Jonah Hill, Sony – to get in and to be a part of it. It was a show that I was very proud of. It’s popular culture at its best. It defines a whole generation, and we shot everything in Canada in 1986. We were all so green, none of us had done anything. Whenever these remakes happen, you hope in some ways that they stay true to it, but Jonah and Channing are on a whole other level of comedy with this thing.

This is not your parents’ 21 Jump Street. It’s totally taken dramatic license. It’s very spoofy, very R-rated. It’s in the vein of the Starsky & Hutch remake. It’s very over the top comedy. As soon as I heard Jonah was going to be involved I knew he was going to probably put his spin on it. Some people looked at Jump Street as defining a generation, and some people may not be okay with poking fun at it. I feel like if you’re gonna do that, you have to go for it. And these guys went for it.

Film Castmember (DeRay Davis, Domingo):
Growing up with and watching a show on a weekly basis, you can’t compare it to a movie where people see these characters for this two-hour span and have the same connection with. But you’ll definitely see it in the movie. They just updated it. Like what Drew Barrymore did with Charlie’s Angels. The show was more on the serious side, but the movie has comedic action. It measures up. —As told to Kathy Iandoli