Jourdan Dunn Tweets About Kanye’s Uncomfortable Shoes


While Kanye is preparing to show his new Dw collection, model Jourdan Dunn is blasting the downside of the runway footwear. After a fitting, Dunn tweeted:

“[Kanye’s] shoes are sexy as fuck but you can’t walk in them!”

One could potentially gasp at her comments, but the NY Mag reports that “Kanye “cussed out” his fit model for her inability to walk in them. Dunn went on a mini-rant on the social site but has since said the shoes are “all good now.”

The shoes they’re referring to happen to be a 6,000-dollar pair of Giuseppe Zanotti’s, recently swooned over by fashionistas everywhere. Cute detailing, but hard to walk in? Not a good look, ‘Ye.

Maybe his second Fashion Week show won’t go off without a hitch. Cross your fingers, Vixens!