Justin Vs. Justin: Has Bieber Officially Surpassed Timberlake?


Since Justin Bieber first batted his baby eyelashes, everyone’s been equating him to that other Justin. But with the release of Bieber’s bravado-dripping single “Boyfriend”—which finds the now 18-year-old Biebs spitting all Breezy-like over the track, refusing to retire the word “swag” and crooning saccharine nothings in a JT-esque falsetto—the comparisons have ramped up. They’re bound to keep mounting as Bieber gets his testosterone up and more tunes trickle out from his upcoming sophomore album Believe. With Timberlake busy chasing Tinseltown checks, romancing Jessica Biel and merely teasing us about a pop homecoming, Selena’s boy toy has the momentum. But does he have the crown yet? Sure, arguments like these rarely get settled, but that didn’t stop VIBE staffers from debating which Justin has the edge: the Canadian pop tycoon or the N’Sync king? Are you seething yet? Type your furious two cents in the comments section and click to see how the argument panned out. –Clover Hope

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