Kanye West’s Second Paris Fashion Show: Growth, Polish and Crocodile


–Kanye West had bumper cars circling the fashionistas and the runway of his second big Paris Fashion Week showing today….and in a way, it’s appropriate because he’s probably doing mental victory laps after presenting a collection that is a vast improvement over the DW by Kanye West show he presented last fall.

Yes, the dark haute-goth looks were very Givenchy-Mcqueen-Balenciaga-ish. Very. But given the scathing criticism he got last year, it’s clear Kanye had better planning, better execution, and vastly better fittings this time around.

Oh, and once again, his shoe fetish takes center stage. Last year it was those beaded/pearled bangle sandals. This time, sky high Feyd-Rautha-style strap boots (see above).

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