Karrine Steffans Clears Up “Husband” Twitter Rant

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A few days ago, author/actress Karrine Steffans went on a twitter tirade on her @Karrineandco account where she presumably went IN on her new husband for a mirad of issues that she couldn’t take from him anymore.

One slander line in particular caught people’s attention in the worse way: “I’m tired of pretending your favorite rapper didn’t just beat it up on Friday.” Most assume the beat she’s talking about isn’t related to music.

That stinging line among a string of ego crushing others lead to Karrine having to clear the air a bit on who she was (or wasn’t) aiming at in particular. After the manifesto made its rounds in full on various websites, the fire-starter former vixen felt compelled to set the record straight. Read her new-new twitter chatter below:

“Ppl who started following this new accnt b4 this wk know I have RANDOM rants. This is all for entertainment & does not reflect my life… Usually I do this during #twittersfterdark but was inspired earlier in the day by the books I’m publishing & writing… True, I can relate to MANY of my tweets, just as you can, but they are not meant to be autobiographical all the time… My job is to entertain thru, whether in books or on Twitter. I like to keep ppl guessing but pls don’t assume u know what I’m talking about

I never once mentioned my husband. I can’t deny or confirm that fact, not on twitter. All I can do is continue writing my next book… This book can be fiction or non-fiction. So can these tweets. You can’t be sure &, as an author, this is part of my job. To just entertain. It would be best advised that you don’t take the internet or everything I say & do so seriously. We’re all just having fun here. Enjoy!”

-Datwon Thomas