Vixen Chat: Creators of ‘Mixed Chicks’ Talk Defining Beauty and Hair Education



That’s what young girls need just across the board, that self confidence. Now going into the product, can you tell me what your most popular product is that you have in your collection right now?
K: The leave-in conditioner, for sure. That was our original product we created, a styling crème that could moisturize and provide enough hold and definition and control the frizz. That was our original mission because that’s what we thought was lacking in the market, and I guess everybody else agrees, ‘cause that is definitely a top-selling product. The deep conditioner was the next most recognized or appreciated one. That one will soften your hair and make it easier to detangle and people with any texture hair enjoy that, anywhere from straight to coarse that the deep conditioner can really detangle and just control it.

What makes your products different from others that are on the market?
W: We really didn’t create a brand that was to cocktail. We were really trying to clear out people’s medicine cabinet or underneath your sink. We were trying to clean that up for you and not make you have to purchase so many different things. Our leave-in conditioner works on a variety, a spectrum of curl types, and I think that stands us apart. We are our product. It’s a personal need, and we’re always interactive, Kim and I, on the internet to help you understand our product and understand your curls. We’re reachable, and I think a lot of other brands are made in some lab by somebody who knows nothing about us, so I think that makes us stand out.

A lot of celebrities have become fans of Mixed Chicks, too. Which celebrities that are out right now would you be dying to use your products on?
W: Elle Varner. We think her music is incredible, and we know our products could do wonders for her hair.

Yeah, we love her too.
W: You know who I love? There’s some football player with curls running out the back of his helmet. Polamalu from Pittsburgh!
K: I mean there’s a slew of people. You know there’s a lot of people who do use it, we just don’t talk about it and we’re just so happy that they use it.
W: Yeah, even Slash from Guns N’ Roses uses it. We’re just happy with the relationship and that they’re clients of ours.

Down the line do you see yourselves collaborating with a any particular artist for a specific collection of Mixed Chicks products?
W: Anything’s possible. Nothing’s out of the question. Kim and I are always trying to expand in different ways. I mean it’s not something we’re actively doing at the moment but yeah anything is possible. It sounds interesting, like an interesting concept.

And your brand is branching out into clothes and dolls. What do you see down the line or what are you guys working on?
W: If we tell you, then there are just so many copy cats out there. We can’t let you know ’til we’re turning left.

But there is more to come?
W: Yes. Kim and I are always looking for a new way to put ourselves out there.
K: We do have a kids line that we’ve created and that’s available at Target and Rite Aid. Our adult line will be available in May in Target.

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