Kiss, Kiss! 20 Rappers Caught on Camera Kissing Celebrities

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Celebrities love showing PDA. Not that that should surprise you. Awhile back, we put together a photo gallery of a bunch of different celebrities showing their love for their significant others by smooching with them in public. But, did you know that rappers love showing PDA, too? The most recent incident occurred when Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj caught everyone off guard by locking lips on the sidelines at the 2012 NBA All-Star Game. It was quite the scene.

Should we really be all that surprised by it, though? After all, it feels like we’ve seen rappers getting it on with other rappers, R&B singers, and celebrities time after time in the past. Some have been actual couples. Some have been rumored flings. And, the rest? Well, some of those have been downright weird. Just check out the 20 photos that we were able to dig up from the past. These rappers did more than just say “Cheese!” for the camera.—Chris Yuscavage