Las Vegas Entrepreneurs Bring Flat-Dispensing Vending Machines to the U.S.


Say goodbye to the barefoot walk of shame. Now there’s emergency footwear available at your convenience, and it’s taking over hot spots in the U.S. like a Pitbull club-banger.

Las Vegas entrepreneurs Ashley Ross, 25, and Lindsay Klimitz, 26, turned their nightclub woes into a brilliant new venture: buying the rights to manufacture and dispense Rollasole flats in vending machines on the club circuit across the country.

“Both of us are not really people that would walk barefoot,” Klimitz told LA Weekly. “I know a lot of girls are into walking barefoot – when they’re in just too much pain, they can’t take it. But me and her (Ross) would literally suffer through the pain.”

Ross and Klimitz discovered the U.K.-based shoe company after a wild night and were in need of a footwear solution for their stiletto pains. They found the vending machine that dishes out soft, ballet flats rolled up in a plastic cup. According to Rollasole, the metallic silver flats are also recyclable. As for styles, the businesswomen are working on offering various designs so that every lady in pain can find a pair that complements their outfits.

When it comes to tower-high stilettos, Ross says that a woman’s tolerance is low. “Two hours is the limit for a lot of girls. If you put a few drinks in them, probably one hour.”

According to a survey, these roll-up prayers for partying feet get the co-sign from club owners who say that ladies will stay in a venue about 40 minutes longer.

The vending machine shoes are only available on the west coast with a pair selling for $19.95. Three Rollasole dispensers can be found in the Venetian Hotel in front of Tao nightclub, one in Vanity at the Hard Rock casino and one at the Tropicana. The Hollywood-based machine has just been added beside the women’s restroom at club Colony.

Women can’t deny that purchasing these roll-up feet treats beat bulking up a designer bag with flip flops. Not wearing heels isn’t even considered an option. While no details have been given about their release elsewhere in the U.S., it would be foolish to think these flats won’t make their way to a nightclub near you ASAP.

Vixens, would you cop a pair if your soles were in need?

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