Latin Hip-Hop Legend Lisa Lisa Fights Breast Cancer With Mama Luke


On Saturday, March 17, 2012 at Freestyle Palooza located at Count Basie Theater in Redbank, New Jersey, the Queen and originator of Latin Hip-Hop, Lisa Lisa will raise awareness and fight breast cancer live on stage as she performs and shares her survival story all while wearing her “Mama Luke” t-shirt.

Founded by Rap Legend Kangol Kid of mid-80’s rap group UTFO and his longtime friend/Business Manager Shaunda Lumpkin, Mama Luke is the “Hip-Hop Fights Breast Cancer” movement named in honor of Shaunda’s mother Gay Frances Lucas after she lost her three-year battle with breast cancer in May 2010.

With the help of the American Cancer Society, this movement has enlisted the support of celebrity supporters including, Will Smith, Ice-T, LL Cool J and many more to bring awareness as well as raise funds to eradicate this disease.

Lisa Lisa had the honor of meeting Gay “Mama Luke” Lucas on the 2010 Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise and together they shared good entertainment, food, laughs and conversation. Lisa remembers Mama Luke saying to her, “Your smile says it all! Keep smiling!!” Unfortunately, Mama Luke passed away one week later. “My smile will continue to show how I fight this fight”, said Lisa upon hearing the news of Mama Luke’s passing.
This will be Lisa Lisa’s first time addressing her own battle with Breast Cancer in front of her “Freestyle” family.