Lessons from Chrihanna: 5 Precautions for the Ride-Or-Die Chick


From WWMD–You got to admire the ovaries on a ride-or-die chick in love. Unfortunately though, not everything is applaud worthy, her perspective can suck — especially when she has on her hater shades. For most, love is free. But not for those in bad love; they have a price to pay costing them anywhere from friends, their reputation, in addition to regular taxes on self-respect. But even in the face of social bankruptcy, the loyal ride-or-die chick will still flip the bird and cling to a romance on life-support. At this point for her, love long surpassed being blind; it’s now blind, deaf, and defensive.  This is the main reason I can’t help but SMFH at Rihanna’s erect middle finger — because it’s shamelessly misdirected. It’s not that we don’t want to see the rude gyal in love, we just don’t want to see her banged up (take two) in the name of it. But for one reason or another this ride-or-die chick’s “Thank you” to our genuine concern is coming out much more aggressive than expected.

Kind of reminds of you of that girlfriend we all wanted to rescue from an embarrassing romance, but would find ourselves pushed adrift every time we’d try to toss a lifesaver. The truth of the matter is a concerned friend can try all they want to shake the recklessness out of a ride-or-die chick. They can even go around slapping “Results May Vary” warnings on romantic comedies everywhere. But be prepared, disappointment is in the near forecast… Redemption is a personal project.

So how does a hopeless romantic begin to muster hope? For starters: In the mirror, solo. But no worries, you’re never really alone, we devised a little list to help moderate the discussion every ride-or-die chick should have with herself.