Lessons from Chrihanna: 5 Precautions for the Ride-Or-Die Chick



There is no word in the English language more notoriously misused than the word, “Hater”. Put this on wax: Someone who “hates” abhors the idea of someone else finding prosperity and peace in life. Literally, if you smile, they die a little bit inside. NOT to be confused with someone who simply isn’t feeling your actions. People in bad love or ride-or-die chicks with their dukes up, tend to throw this word around and anyone who isn’t throwing rice at their union catches claim. If you’ve ever found yourself in this position try your hardest to be honestly objective: Do people have a real reason to complain? Has this dude disrespected anyone I care about? Has he disrespected me? Has he disrespected our relationship? If you can honestly answer these Q’s, congratulations. You’ve successfully managed to look one step outside the box! Just remember, anyone taking time out of their own life to worry about your problems is a friend. (Most people don’t give a shilling). They may not be the kind of friend you may want, but certainly the kind you need.


Sometimes, loving Mr. Dead Wrong can come with major setbacks. In Rihanna’s case, rumor has it Jay-Z has a new protegé he’s unveiling in lieu of her wanton ways. The newbie’s name is Rita Ora and in perfect dramatic prose she’d be the one to knock Riri from the top. Then again, who knows? However, the chances alone are a helluva gamble, dontchya think? Not to say that our actions should be guided by the yielding hand of someone else, but recognizing that every action, has a reaction, is a power move every big girl must practice – especially one bold enough to flip off the world.

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