Lindsay Lohan Involved in Alleged Hit-And-Run


Lindsay Lohanjust can’t seem to catch a break. The troubled starlet struck someone while driving away from a club, and then fled the scene, says TMZ.

Lindsay was whipping a new Porsche when she left the Sayers Club in Hollywood Wednesday night. While driving out of the parking lot, she got welcomed by flooding paparazzi and bystanders blocking her from properly maneuvering the vehicle.

It’s being reported that Lindsay then grazed the manager of the nearby Hookah Lounge with her car and continued driving. Cops arrived and interviewed people inside the Hookah Lounge, including the manager who was lightly struck.

It’s believed that Lindsay may have been the one who actually called police to protect herself from paparazzi.

Updated reports from this story conclude that the case has been closed, seeing as no one was injured, but could be reopened if the manager claims he was actually injured.—Keenan Higgins