NFL Player Adrian Wilson Renews Vows, Speaks on Malika Haqq


co-star Malika Haqq stepped into a world of heartbreak when dealing with separated NFL player Adrian Wilson. The Arizona Cardinal player–after officially severing ties with Haqq–has since returned back to his wife, Alicia, and renewed his vows to her on March 11.

If you missed the E! episode where the emotional Haqq-Wilson drama ensued, let’s recap: Malika began dating Adrian, who had split from his wife. Khloe Kardashian gave Malika a hard time about the relationship, making Malika rethink her decision to date a (legally) married man. Malika and Adrian eventually (after 30 minutes, of course) decided to break up.

Wilson is now opening up about the ordeal, claiming that he was portrayed poorly on the reality show. He tells Essence, “The whole episode attacked my character, and it was shown in a way that reflected the opposite of who I really am.”

Who exactly is he, you ask? Well, according to the lovely photo spread of his wedding ceremony (posing with his beautiful kids) and his candid interview, he is now a man who’s very much in love with his wife and working out all their issues.

“I don’t think there’s anything like true love. I’ve known my wife since middle school. I don’t think there’s anything stronger than knowing the other person the way we know each other,” he tells the lifestyle dot com. “Getting back together was something that we had to talk about for a very long time. We talked some times all night long and into the next morning — talking about what needed to change. We realized they weren’t really big things; they were just things we needed to work on as a couple.”

Malika Haqq hasn’t spoken out about the situation as of yet, but do you feel she received the short end of the stick? Adrian almost denies his involvement with the ATL star altogether. What’s up with that?

What do you think, Vixens?

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